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8 Places to Visit in Milan

1) Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano): This is the most famous area in Milan, with the grand Milan Cathedral along with the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II at the center of an important square.

2) Sforza Castle: A 10-minute walk from the Cathedral, it is a large tourist castle with free entry. We recommend visiting during the day as everything inside the park connected to the Arch of Peace is more visible.

3) Gae Aulenti Square: A modern square surrounded by skyscrapers, great for shopping, relaxing, and admiring modern buildings like the Vertical Forest and areas for aperitifs like Corso Como.

4) City Life (Three Towers): Here, there are three famous skyscrapers with unique shapes and a shopping center, all surrounded by a park with modern buildings. We recommend visiting this place during the day.

5) Naviglio Grande: A pleasant place for walking, dining, and experiencing nightlife, suitable for families and especially for couples.

6) Corso Buenos Aires: One of the main shopping streets in Milan, with many shops, famous brands, and boutiques. It is 3 minutes from the hotel and is connected to the Porta Venezia area, suitable for aperitifs with many nightlife venues and restaurants in the side streets.

7) Via Montenapoleone: The epicenter of luxury fashion in Milan, with high-end fashion boutiques in an elegant and tranquil atmosphere. Among the most expensive streets in the world, it is an exclusive destination for prestigious shopping.

8) Brera: 10 minutes from Montenapoleone, it is a charming neighborhood famous for its lively and artistic atmosphere, with many restaurants and bars.


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